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Welcome to the Dark Rebirth WikiEdit

This Wiki is dedicated to the ATeam game Dark Rebirth. We will try and keep this wiki updated with as much information about the game as possible.

About the gameEdit

Dark Rebirth is a game modeled after Dark Summoner, and created by the same company, ATeam. It is based on using your resources to complete quests and collect monsters that you can evolve and level up to increase their strength, and help you on your way. You will need a strong formation of up to 5 monsters not only to help you through the many quests in the game, but also to battle (and defend against) other players in the game.

ATeam actively responds to suggestions for the game; most recently the addition of a Soul of Repression to the Tears of the Goddess Event would allow for skill resets for any one monster; a common mistake early on was to concentrate on the use of active skills within the monster while overall the effectiveness of teams increase as the number of passive skills increases

Latest activityEdit