Souls of Wisdom and Souls of Enlightenment have existed in Dark Rebirth since the begining. Their sacrifice allowed a creature to level several times and is often the best way to level a newly evolved creature for use in a formation. Their use in non-evolved creatures is often seen as a waste with the exception of use in quest/event monsters as a speed leveling boost.

Skill souls are a recent addition to Dark Rebirth. In ATeam's original Dark Summoner they were used to change or grant skills to existing creatures. With the advent of the three skill per monster system in Dark Summoner there was no longer a need for specific skill cards.

  • Soul of Represson
    • All existing skills of a creature are erased
    • Allows for skill reassignment when mistakes are made or if a better combination of skills would benefit a formation
    • Introduced in the Tears of the Goddess event when 500,000 jewels were collected.